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Development of the KMUTT Industrial Park

  1. The Industrial Park has its roots in four centres previously established by KMUTT under the national development plans for serving the science and technology community:
    • Centre for Research & Development (5th Plan)
    • Continuing Education Centre (6th Plan)
    • Pilot Plant Development and Training Institute (6th Plan)
    • Institute for Scientific & Technological Research & Services (7th Plan)
  2. It 1990 the Royal Thai Government approved the industrial park development plan for universities in Thailand, Following this, in 1993, the Government approved KMUTT's proposal to establish an industrial park.
  3. Site development commenced in 1994 on a 200 rai plot in Bangkhuntien District on the Thonburi side of Bangkok, for the Park and the new KMUTT campus. It is expected that construction will be ready to receive faculty in 1998 and the transfer should be completed by 2002, having established three major centres and four faculties :

Industrial Park Management and Service Structure

The KMUTT Industrial Park will be a prime example for the affective management of research and development. The Park will provide the appropriate mechanisms and suitable environment to bring together researchers, industrialists and entrepreneur from both out of the laboratories and directly into the production process. The Park will also help to promote and develop science and technology throughout Thailand and assist industry in making the correct investment and technology decisions.


To develop and commercialize technology for existing industries and new industries in Thailand.


  1. To Provide an opportunity for technical entrepreneurs lacking investment resources to commence small-to-medium scale process and pilot-plant operations, through the provision of site facilities, technology, equipment, data access and advice.
  2. To provide training in all relevant fields, especially in the introduction of innovative and leading edge technology for industry.
  3. To provide and environment conducive to hands-on training and experience for both the student body and researchers.


Services will include site, pilot plant and full facilities for lease to the private sector. Documentation and data services, including business and investment information assistance, as well as a professional business centre will be provided for use by tenants.

Private Sector Services

  1. Leasehold land and buildings (Innovator/Incubator Units) complete with all utilities and use of measuring/testing/analysis equipment. This will include a demonstration factory complete with pilot plant facilities.
  2. Industrial business information services such as research and development updates, investment and loan information, copyright and patent information, industry supplier, directories, etc.
  3. Convenient business support services, such as:
    • Secretarial and clerical services for entrepreneurs.
    • Full conference, exhibition and promotion facilities and services available for hire.
    • Assistance with all internal and overseas communications, including satellite and other facilities.
    • Computer network and services.
    • Customs, tax, legal and immigration advice and assistance.

Category of Tenants being sought for KMUTT Industrial Park

Target Group:

  1. Process industries, such as food and petrochemical.
  2. Production and manufacturing industries, such as components and parts.
  3. Information Technology (IT) and high technology industries, including software, electronics and telecommunications.

Category :

  1. Small to medium-scale industries wishing to develop and test new products and technology.
  2. Investors in Innovator/Incubator Units would be expected to be in the range of Baht 5-50 million (not including capitalization requirement under the business and investment laws).


  1. PDTI (Pilot Plant Development & Training Institute)
  2. ISTRS (Institute for Scientific & Technological Research & Services)
  3. IPC (Industrial Park Centre)


  1. School of Bioresources and Technology
  2. School of Energy and Materials
  3. School of Information Technology
  4. School of Architecture and Design